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NEED HELP......Speedometer Gears

From: Mike "Pony" Poniatowski
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Date: May 08, 2002


I have converted my 1958 Plymouth factory Poly 318/ 3 speed auto from a 120mph speedometer to a 150mph speedometer, and now I'm reading about 20mph faster than the car is really traveling. I took the gear out of the trans (the one that's connected to the part of the speedometer cable drive) and the gear is black plastic and has 18 teeth on it. I was told that it was possible to get a gear with one or two more teeth on it to slow down my speedometer. Any truth to this? Or better yet if anyone is running a 150mph speedometer and would be willing to take the speedometer cable off and use a 1 1/16 socket to take their gear out and count the teeth for me the whole procedure takea all of 15 minutes, and I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks all........Pony


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