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Another 1959 Dodge A/C Question...

From: Nathan Manning
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Date: May 07, 2002


Ok ForwardLookers... This one is probably just about the dumbest query ever posted on this site... but I'm gonna put it on here anyway. When it comes to finding the right pulleys for the Air Conditioning system on my '59 Dodge -- Can I use the pulleys from another '59 Dodge 361? Or will they work with the aftermarket setup? I just remembered a guy in Canada that told me he had a junker with a broken A/C system... If I could score those pulleys, then perhaps my search would be over before it really got started. I'm assuming the obvious answer to my question is, "Yeah, Doofus... Of course they'll fit!" Nonetheless, being the non-mechanical guy that I am, I wanted to run this (simple?) idea by you all. Thanks for your help. I'll expect a ton of sarcasm back on this one. HA!


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