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Re: the torque-flite saga continues...

From: Mike Patterson
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Date: May 07, 2002


Torqueflites are one transmission that are very touchy about having the the kickdown and shift cable properly adjusted. If they are not right, they burn up. That is why their road tested and adjusted. I hate to say it, but from the sounds of your post ("some shows come up...I'm coming home from a car cruise") up you didn't do what the tranny shop told you. Until the tranny is torn down and inspected no one can say exactly what went wrong, but I would have to say it was more likely you driving the car that "needed the shift points adjusted a bit and of course the kick down was off some" than the shops "crappy work". The kick down controls the shift point and the firmness of the shift (line pressure). Every time an automatic slips while shifting, it is rapidly wearing the material off the bands and clutches. Had you taken the car back to the tranny shop after the brakes were fixed and then this had happened, you would have every right to be angry with the shop. As it is I would have to say this ones on you.


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