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Need Inspiration??? - Let's all applaud ourselves

From: Steven Dean
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Date: May 06, 2002


Look guys... one thing needs to remain in focus here...their ain't alot of us... We are a minority...We dare to be different...The world is a small enough place as it is...There's not many car nuts left...let alone guys how drive these old Mopar fins like us. We need to be proud of ourselves...I'm proud of ourselves... This message board is a godsend of collective information... I'd say the leading... (and practiacally only) authority... Best of all, it's made up of guys like ourselves... The real deal... I have owned another old Mopar for the past 15 years... Two years ago I finally added my first forwardlook car. This website has been an unlimited source of knowledge ever since the beginning. A guy could spend days reading the archives...and learning... The webmaster has gone to more than considerable lengths and headaches to preserve this site and its archives... Speaking of looking at past posts, much of the tme, my questions are answered before I ask them... People like Daven and Boyd are priceless... Of course I apologize for not mentioning many more by name. Most questions are answered when presented clearly and properly...Bottom Line: This IS a hobby...both the cars AND this website... And they're also a labor of love. Perhaps madness :) Let's all stick together and keep posting the positive... Thank you Guys... thank you webmaster... ... Steven Dean Tampa Florida 1958 Plymouth Savoy 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus 2000 Dodge Dakota R/T PS Just some sincere thanks from a guy who loves his odd-ball fin-car...


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