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Pulling 318 Poly out of a 58 Plymouth Torque converter studs

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: May 05, 2002


You are correct that those two plugs in the converter are for draining the fluid. Except that most of the time, it DOES affect your sense of humor when the fluid runs all over you as you are trying to get out from under the car! Now, for how to pop these apart. Make sure the trans is blocked up real good and cannot move when you pull the engine off the trans bellhousing. That done, fins a piece of metal that you can bolt to the bell housing as a "finger" to hold the converter in place. 0.100" is thick enough, hammer to make it clamp to the converter with some pressure. Now, wit your finger in place LOOSELY so the converter rotates, bar over the engine, and with a thin (I believe 5/8") box end or combination wrench, remove two nuts off the converter studs at a time, using the finger tightened to prevent rotation. Then loosen the finger, rotate the engine, tighten the finger, and do two more. Repeat until all eight are removed. At that point, really tighten the finger, and then pull the engine (less converter, since it will stay behind) off the transmission.


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