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Re: Vintage Air/Air-Tique addresses/Solar tinted galss.

From: alumcan
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Date: May 04, 2002


Y'know Hank, The glass portion youy mentioned I never gave much thought to. The simple ovious, is the least remembered. I was thinking of where Nathan would forget to 'nail' down that insulation stuff and have a 'leak'. Since I've done several vehicles, and being overly cautious, making very sure that I got the ENITRE inside of the vehicle covered! I know it's 'overkill', but at a certain stage of construction, with the entre inside of the vehicle gutted, I'm able to double the firewall and the trunk divider. Speaking of tinted, solex glass, I'm going to have a NICE piece of glass for sale or trade, if I do this top swap. In this body that I have, there is a NICE, tall, tinted, plus shaded, rear glass! I want to comment later to you about the '56 DeSoto's you mentioned in the 359 Plymouth tread.


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