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Pulling 318 Poly out of a 58 Plymouth ???????

From: George
Remote Name:
Date: May 04, 2002


I am deep into pulling the engine from my 58 Belvedere. I am trying to separate the Engine from the Torque converter of a Powerflite automatic. It appears that in spite of what all my friends told me the flywheel is part of the torque converter and that I must disconnect the crankshaft flange from the flywheel in order to split the engine and tranny. Can anybody tell me for sure that this is the case before tomorrow morning when I attack again? Did I miss something simple? Thanks! P.S. I tried removing a bolt that looked like it could be connecting the flywheel to the T.C. but splooged tranny fluid all over the driveway. I assume this is a drain plug. There are 2 of them at 180 degrees to each other and removing them doesn't loosen anything.


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