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58 dodge interior cloth, and brakes

From: Kelly
Email: 21st Century digital boy
Remote Name:
Date: May 04, 2002


Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find the original glittery salt/pepper/mylar cloth for the seats in my dodge. The backseat still has the original material, but the front has been recovered in black vinyl, with ducttape (which looks REAL out of place for the rest of the car!!) covering up a tear on the driver's seat. And, i was wondering if anybody makes brake shoes for it..I did the front brakes and the the shoes rebonded with new material. The car was down for three days, and that wasn't cool. I need to save up for an AAJ brake kit, but I want to minority engineer porsche calipers on to the kit...have a good one fellas. kelly


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