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'62-up engine into '60 Dart

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: May 04, 2002


You definitely need a '62-64 A-727 pushbutton transmission,all V8 crank flanges changed in 1962 and the pre-'62 trannies don't wotk with '62-up engines. I've done dozens of posts about the crank flange differences,just about everything you could want to know is on the boards,just scroll down or go to 'archived discussions'. I for one am NOT impressed with the Magnum crate motors,our shop has had two of those motors come back with cracked pistons and one was in a truck that was only mildly street-driven. (both motors had less than 5000 miles and only a few months of use!) The hypereutetic pistons in those are more brittle than the regular cast pistons. I could however endorse a built-up pre-magnum 360 block,and of course you could put in the Mopar Performance 4" stroke crankshaft P/N 5007254 and the 4" stroke pistons (for 360 block with .030" overbore,that would be P/N 5007413),and your resulting engine will be 408 c.i. I would say that changing to a '62-up small block requires as much parts swapping as putting in a '62-up big block,BUT in your case since you're in Australia a 360 block will be easier to find than a B/RB block and building the 408 would only require the crank come in from the US,or pistons also if you don't want to have them custom-made in "OZ".


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