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Re: Vintage Air Setup/ pully diametor

From: alumcan
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Date: May 03, 2002


Dud, and Kenny J, YES you are both absoutly right about the 'old' factory equipped A/C cars with generators not having much charging problems! The pully diametor was such that the compressor speed was slowed down. Now with aftermarket/custom application, what Nathan is doing. All of the smaller compressors are designed for faster rotation, and pully diametor has been figured in. Let's say that Nathan allready has OM factory A/c sys and wants to use the smaller, more efficent, allready chrome plated(?), (easier to mount) compressor. It WILL NOT work! The system would probably blow up! In A/C systems, ALL THREE, the compressor, evaproater, and condenser HAVE TO BE MATCHED, and then the crank pully diametor, ratio, is designed for that. So, in other words, WE'RE ALL RIGHT in our thinking!


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