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Re: Power Steering? What's power steering?

From: alumcan
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Date: May 03, 2002


When I mentioned changing the PS pump, your 361 has a different diameter crank pully than a factory A/C equipped car. I don't know, if a newer pully will fit a older pump. So do what 'Hankie' sez, get the pump off the doner motor and be sure. '77 is too new! I was thinking around '60's early '70's. Smog pump and etc, you don't want that extra pully. Take a 1968-72 383, 400, or 440, w/factory A/C. Any of those pullys is what you are looking for. The PS pump has it's own grove off the carnk pully. Also the PS pump belt also goes around the water pump. The 'other' two are the alt and A/C compressor. When you order your set up you can specify single or double groove compressor pully. I think that they told me, that once you set your compressor up, you can't come along later and deside to go with the serpentine sys. So be sure the first time. I think that they even ask you what your crank pully diameter is. That is the reason I told you to ask info for a '800' #. That way you can call them now, tell what your plans are, and they can be working on what set up is best for your application. And changes can then be made on paper. So you or they will not make any mistakes. Either of those companys will work with you! You just keep talking to the same rep each time, and they will be more than happy to 'walk' you through any problem. The HARDEST part of this job, is mounting the def/heat/AC evaperator and getting the vents to 'look' factory. You will also have to get all your lines made. A place that makes up hydraulic hoses, (back hoes, dump trucks) can do them for you. After the evaperator is mounted you can then order what angle fittings, and bulkhead plate you'll need from the A/C place, then the hose place and do yer hoses. Maybe tomorrow I'll get my wife to submit a picture of that insulation material on my http hometown thing. (if it still works) That way EVERYONE can see what to look for. Hank, there ARE NOT many people out there that knows certain aftermarket "refrigerants" (I couldn't think of that word last night to save my butt! All I could think of was 'freon') have a certain amount of methane in them. Hell, there probably 'arn't many out there that even knows what methane really is! Later.


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