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Re: 61 Dodge headliner

From: Dave Lisiecki
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Date: May 03, 2002


I've also searched for the same for my '60 Windsor ambulance conversion. If I found the material, and I'm sure some supplier still makes it, or something similar, it would be easy to make. I've searched over the internet and asked upholtsery shops and even aircraft interior shops to no avail. I know I'll find somebody someday. If I don't, it has been suggested that I cover regular door panel hardboard with a perforated vinyl. I know that would look fine and 99% of the folks would never notice the difference. Or some of the thin 1/8 MDF from a good hardware/lumber shop would look fair, but I don't like the smooth look. Mopar Mel ( recently replied to the question: "I reproduce the headliners for that particular car. each section is 200.00 unless you purchase all them then I let them go for 150.00 per sectiion. they are not exact but when you look at them they are very close." It's nice they can be reproduced, but if I could find the secret supplier, they'd be SO easy for a handy person to re-create, especially if the originals were available for patterns. It looks like Studebakers have a similar hardboard, because they popped up a lot on search engine searches. Also, van headliners are similar, I think. If you find the secret source, please let me know!


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