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Re: now that just isn't true

From: Dark Cloud
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Date: May 03, 2002


thanks for correcting my spelling...and here I'm an editor for a living! I hate when that happens. I can understand how it may get frustrating not getting answers, but I think some need to realize that this is a hobbyist message board, not a business. I have been building up my poly and have a web site up, it's great when people ask for my help. But the key word there is "ask". Not that this guy here isn't cordial, but one guy started sending me emails that were so rude I stopped answering his questions altogether. He would send one that said, "What's the compression ratio and tell me where to get pistons". No "hello", no "thanks for answering my questions last week", no "appreciate the help". sheesh. I don't represent Chrysler...I'm a hobbyist. I did the web site on my own, and he never once "asked" anything, it always seemed more like a demand. Point to all of this is...people need to realize that we are all auto hobbyists and work a regular job on top of all this, sometimes (most times) not even associated with automotive. k. I'm done. laterz...


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