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Starter for 60 DeSoto w/361 CID engine

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: May 02, 2002


John...OK. Here is the first of probably a series of responses. I tackled the starter issue first. All information here is out of a Hollander Interchange book. IF you have an Autolite starter (look for a tag, should say either MDT6002 or MDL6014), you can substitute one for the other directly. If you are looking for one in a junkyard or repair facility, any Autolite starter for 59-61 Chrysler, DeSoto or Imperial will fit in place, as all are either one or the other of the above. IF you cannot find an Autolite starter, then you can substitute a Chrysler-built starter (PN 1889200) that has the solenoid, BUT you need to rewire for it. IF you have the above 1889200 Chrysler starter, you can do the Auto-lite, but rewire in reverse. IF you have the Chrysler starter, you can substitute by locating one for either a 62-64 Chrysler Newport or Chrysler 300 with manual transmission, or any 59-61 Chrysler, DeSoto (except 59 Firesweep), Imperial, or a Plymouth with the "B" engine. Also, you can substitute a 63 starter from above vehicles with its solenoid, but you need to rewire for the new unit. Hope this helps.


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