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Re: Plymouth-based 259 Hemi powered 'Hoss.

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: April 30, 2002


I have a "interesting" background, without going into details. Suffice to say I have worked on a LOT of different things in my past. Never ridden a "Hoss, but have seen a couple in the past up close. Always wondered if they had handling issues. Besides, I live in the land of E.J. Potter, and I think he was one of the first at the drags to have a Kinsler-injected SBC in a bike frame for drags! I have even visited the Roseville, MI bike shop where his bike dyno was (other business besides bikes, though engine based). AND I like things that are a little different, hence the Adventurer rather than a 300 (NO slight to you, I like them as well, but the 56 Adventurer I think was better styled).


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