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LA Oil Filter Adapter for "A" Poly

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: April 29, 2002


Chris...Supposedly the filter adaptor setup from an "LA" engine (273/318/340/360) fits on the "A" eengines. You will need both the steel filter adaptor plate and the filter mount. These parts should still be available from DaimlerChrysler parts. As an altertnative, strip them off a junker "LA" in a junkyard. Then you can use "LA" filters. Be sure to block off the internal bypass in the block above the rear main cap. You need to drill this for a 10-24 thread, and scew in a socket head set screw with threadlocker on it to complete the plugging job. Otherwise some of the oil will bypass the filter due to the shunt between the filter inlet and outlet.


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