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Re: Plymouth-based hemis - ANY types???

From: Gary
Remote Name:
Date: April 28, 2002


I believe you are right that Plymouth never had a production early-Hemi. I'm not even certain the two Florida Hiway Patrol cars I posted about came directly from the factory. They may have been an aftermarket conversion and the FHP just designated the Orlando dealership as their approved servicing facility. The part that suggests a factory installation was the medallion. I doubt an aftermarket supplier would have cared about marking the car in any unique way, but would rather have their company name visible. The medallion was rectangular, gold in color and taller than wide. I forget if it had the Plymouth logo, but I seem to recall that it did. At least it contained something in the upper 2/3rds and the printing was on the bottom in two lines. At the time, it didn't seem like such a big deal, but 40 plus years later, it's an unexplained oddity.


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