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This swap is much easier on V8 cars

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: April 26, 2002


If your car is a 277-301-318 'poly' V8,you can use the alternator,brackets,regulator and right-side exhaust manifold from a 1961-66 318 'poly' V8. This is what I did on my '60 Plymouth wagon back when it still had the 318. If your car is a 'B' V8 (350 to 440 ci wedge V8's) then you have many choices from 1961-78 cars for alternators and parts (the early 35 amp alternators are most compatible with your car's original wiring!). Putting an alternator on a flathead six would require custom-made brackets to hold it (possibly other custom/modified parts such as a belt pulley).


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