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Re: Plymouth-based 259 Hemi

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: April 26, 2002


Your mention of the Bonneville 260 CID class and the Hemi-headed HiFire record car brings back old memories (for me, before I was 10!) I think that combination used 56 D500 heads with very little work done to them. The engine would both breathe AND wind! I think they used the mechanical rocker gear from a 270 M44 Dodge Imperial Marine engine. I KNOW they used the hardened crank! I don't think you need a Marine 270 crank in your beast , if and when you build it, but it wouldn't hurt, as the weak point of those engines was the extremely small rod journals. As for pressing out "PLYMOUTH" in Dodge "no-name" valve covers, you might be able to make a hardwood die set to do this on a couple before it went away.


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