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Re: 1958 Dodge carpet and dashpad help needed

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: April 25, 2002


Tim... For carpets, try ACC of Anniston, Alabama. They seem to have a stock of good quality NOS and NORS carpets for old Forwardlook cars. Their web site is "" For dash pads, there are two choices I know of. First is "Just Dashes" in California. I understand the owner has an attitude issue, but their work is good (but EXPENSIVE). The other place I know is "Dash Specialists", which is in Medford, Oregan. Their address/phone is Dash Specialists, 1910 Redbud Lane, Medford, Oregon 97504 Phone: (541) 776-0040 ). Accurate Dash Pad material can most likely be found at either SMS of Portland, Oregan ( or ABC Auto Upholstery & Top Company. (1634 Church St. Philadelphia, PA., 19124. Tel: 215-289-0555) These are places I have had contact with in my Adventurer restoration so far which seem to know what they are doing.


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