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Re: Plymouth-based hemis - ANY types???

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: April 25, 2002


What source do you have that shows 260 (259) and 270 for 1955? Leo Lindquist has been looking for something to confirm or deny that the 260 HEMI was ever made, outside of possibly Canad and export. I would like that information to pass on to him. As for the sharing of blocks, the early Plymouth "HiFire" poly was actually the Dodhe hemi block. Due to the massive usage of Plymouth with their popularity with the 1955 Forwardlook models, the engine plant for Dodge became overtaxed, and the Canadian 277 truck engine was rushed into production as a replacement for Plymouth. All the information I have is that in the States, the 241 and 270 were Dodge offerings, and the 241 POLY and 259 POLY were the Plymouth offerings. In Canada, in 1956 the Plymouth and the Chrysler Polys were offered in the range of DPCD vehicles, with the Canadians getting the 313 CID exclusively.


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