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Re: 1955 Plymouth hemi???

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: April 25, 2002


I agree! Chrysler builts some fairly unusual cars, especially for the Police. I think this is one reason law enforcement has a history of Chrysler vehicles. I saw a California Highway Patrol car (in junkyard) that had a "shared" oiling system between the engine and the iron Powerflite! Used engine oil for both. I was told that was a spec-requirement for servicing, and only Chrysler was able to pull it off. I recently bought a A-466 Torqueflite that supposedly came from a 59 Illinois State Police car (Plymouth) with a 392 "Highway Pursuit" package for Turnpike duty. Wrecked in 1960 with about 39K on it. I never saw the car or engine, but the guy who sold me the trans used to be an Illinois Highway Patrol garage mechanic, and knew the history of the vehicle. When I pulled the trans apart, it DID have the extra clutch disk used by Police and 300s, so I think the story on the trans was true. That would mean that Chrysler was stuffing overstock 392s into 59 Plymouths.


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