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Re: 1955 Plymouth hemi???

From: Gary
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Date: April 25, 2002


With Mother Mopar you can never say never. In 1960, I was in a C-P dealership in Orlando, FL. In the back of the service department, I saw a plain-jane 2-door '60 Plymouth with a stange gold emblem on the fender. It said "Turnpike Pursuit". I asked the mechanic what it was, and he said it was one of two cars special ordered for the FHP. It had a 392 Hemi and a manual 3-speed transmission on the column. It had one bucket seat and much of the interior was missing, much like a stock race car of that era. He said the car was built by Chrysler, but I have no way of verifying that statement. According to him, the dealership was contracted for all service on these cars. When I sold C-P-D in 1964, I saw lots of strange cars and trucks special ordered. Trucks were really bad for one-off items.


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