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Re: Chrysler Oval Aluminum Aircleaners?

From: Brad Harbold
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Date: April 25, 2002


Hi, Yea any info you ever dig up on it I would be interested. I find this stuff fascinating, These air cleaners were sweet lookin, they were atop a pair of AFB's on a weiand hemi dual fours intake, it would look real nice in my 58 ply nostalgia set up on my 392, but i was just tryin to figure out if this guy was feedin me a line o BS, he seemed to know his stuff. These were definetly larger, but no DPCD stampings or part ##s that I could detect. They did take the same element as the ovals for the carbs though. The guy had an old spacer plate that moved the front carb forward a bit so teh cleaners could fit, otherwise they were too Big! They did look sweet though, those with a polished pair of Moon valve covers would be soo nice. Now Im workin on two of these cars, one is liek 70%done, the other is a long way out. Take care Brad


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