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Re: Plymouth-based hemis - ANY types???

From: Mike Patterson
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Date: April 25, 2002


One source I have lists 2 Hemis as being available for Dodge in 1955. One being 270 CI and the other being 260 CI. The 260 has a 3.56" bore and 3.25" stroke. The crank has 2.38" main journal and 1.94" rod journals. Valve size is 1.72" intake and 1.47 Exhaust. My interchange book shows that the blocks interchange between the 55 Dodge and "late" 55 Plymouth (after engine #60201). Chrysler was good about Hemi heads interchanging to Ploys in the same family, so I guess it is conceivable that IF were talking about the same basic engine, that Hemi heads could be swapped on this "Plymouth" block. As far as Canadian Models, hopefully someone else knows.


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