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Re: 1955 Plymouth hemi???

From: Mike Patterson
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Date: April 25, 2002


I would say likely not. I have never seen anything in print to indicate the factory ever put an early Hemi in the Plymouth. Generally speaking, the Dodge and Plymouth engine compartments are virtually identical and a Dodge Hemi could be slipped in and be made to look factory. I tracked down one of these tall tales a few years ago, the car (a 57 Dodge 2dr HT)was supposed to have been special ordered from the factory with a 392 Hemi by a police officer. Turned out to be a plain jane D500 325 Hemi car,(even after I pointed out the differences to the owner and showed him the factory shop manual I'm told he kept telling the same story). For me I'd not only have to see the car, but more importantly documentation.


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