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Remote Name and Doobie's posts

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: April 24, 2002


Hey Dave,send Sid some of those Doobie Gillis posts (if you have backups of them)! Yes,as Eddie M. he was on the straight and narrow,BUT as Doobie he was a total ______. His comment that the XNR showcar(s) were "Dead and buried in the past and should STAY there",well this is a site dedicated to keeping the automotive past ALIVE for future generations to enjoy! THIS comment was what put Dave over the edge (me,too,really),and how much "help" was he to Jouni. K when Doobie said "Tie all your brake cables together with bakery string and it'll be fine"? Next thing you know Doobie would have been telling us to sell our "rustbuckets" and get Chevys (the only way he could have topped the "let's leave these cars in the PAST!" sentiment!) Now,about your remote name. Mine changed,too,and from the same computer. This is because we both dial up to connect to the Internet,and dial-up first connects to a remote server run by your Internet Service Provider. The TCP/IP number of that server will show as the "remote name" on this board. Unlike an always-on (broadband) connection,a dial-up can go to different servers of your I.S.P. (this helps you,as you are connected to a less busy server!) ALL of the numbers can still be checked to see whose I.S.P. server it is,and of course Dave can read the source code of a posted message on his server,which (I won't give TOO much away,Dave!) would have relevant information if one was doing cyber-detective work. Suffice it to say that the source codes of Mike's and Doobie's messages would contain evidence that they were sent from the same computer,different server connections at different times notwithstanding! (who knows,maybe Mike has broadband and it all had the same remote number,even?!) Having the remote name/number listed on the board is additional protection from fake posts attributed to other people. Suppose a "sid" posted "Mopars are Junk,buy a Chevy",but if the remote name is way different than from the numbers that usually appear with your post,well that will be obvious to all and we can find out where the fake post came from. Now if my computer breaks down (or is apart for an upgrade) and I decide to post from the local public library (I have done that before),I can say I'm doing such in the post (and Dave could e-mail me to verify that if he wanted to). Dave's putting the remote names for all to see is wise and I applaud this!


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