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kingpin replacement

From: Lee
Remote Name:
Date: April 23, 2002


hi everyone... i'm restoring a 55 desoto firedome. i am rebulding the shassis right now, and am reassembling the front end. of course this includes new kingpins... i was reading the service manual for the procedure and became a little perplexed. i pressed in the knuckle bushings without a problem, lining them up with the grease fitting holes. i then fit-checked the knuckle to the support, thrust bearing and shim and had the proper amount of clearance there (.006-.008"). now here is the problem: the kingpin outer diameter (OD) is .7925 and the bushing inner diameters are .005 - .010" less than the kingpin diameter after being installed. All the service manual says to do is line ream the bushings together. is it possible to just hone the bushings individually, or do the upper and lower bushing have to be line reamed to size at the same time? and in either case, the manual does not give the proper size for fit between the pin and the bushings. would there be a .001-.002" clearance between the pin and bushings? obviously you can't have the kingpin be too tight, but it can't be sloppy either. anyone with experience here that could help me through this? thanks in advance lee


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