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Re: Creative Engineering!

From: Windsordeluxe
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Date: April 23, 2002


I once owned a 64 Chevelle that utilized phone line to wire up every accessory that the previous owner installed, but the the crowning jewel to his work was his clever use of duct tape covered in bondo to create the illusion of quarter panels. This was almost as "creative" as a local "engineer" who cut quarter panels off of a donor car and then welded them on top of the rotten sheetmetal on his 67 Lemans. However I must let the Creative Engineering/Darwin Award go to the builder of a 69 Camaro that I saw at an estate sale. While the owner had spared no expense grenading big blocks, the budget must have been running tight when it came to steering. In leiu of "wasting" money on the universal joints that would be necessary to get the steering to clear the headers, our intrepid engineer used a flexible shaft zip-tied to the upper control arm. While most likely a Pinto piece, it appeared to have come from a large weedwhacker. Even if the car wasn't fast, I'm sure it felt fast.


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