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Re: Chrysler Oval Aluminum Aircleaners?

From: alumcan
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Date: April 23, 2002


Bradley, I can't help you that much. When I was telling you about me trying to piece that fulie unit together for a '58 Fury, I only saw the 'bottom' part. That was in Ringling, Oklahoma. The air cleaners, the 'brain' and part of the linkage/intake/bottom (suposidly enough of the top to make a complete unit) a guy had up there somewhere around Wisconsin. I only talked to him once on the phone. It was about that same time that a guy that I had '58 Fury dealings with, told me to get in touch with that New York City guy I was telling you about. And now you know the rest of the story about how neither one of us could understand each other, he taked too fast and I talked too slow. So I never did find out if that was a fulie car, or just a crusted up 'regular' Fury car he pulled of of whatever river/ocean/creek. Like I told you, I think called him 20 times, just to get him to say something else than 'smuck' and 'hah'. Did that guy give you a good picture? I saw a 'exploded' view in some book, (can't remember now) even that picture wasn't very clear. I could try ( if memory is still any good) and ID what that guy in OK had, and I held in my hand. It probably was a good thing that I didn't get to piece a unit together. If you know what I mean. sorry


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