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Fancy computer term: it's a TCP/IP address

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: April 23, 2002


When you connect to the Internet,you connect to a "remote computer",which is a server run by your Internet service provider. It is this server that is your "bridge" to the Internet at large. For a user with an 'always-on' (broadband) connection, the remote's TCP/IP number (the "remote name" listed here) would always stay the same. For those with dial-up connections,you may connect to different servers owned by your I.S.P. with each connection,so the last digits of the "remote name" listed here may be different from post to post. Noting the TCP/IP addresses was how Dave was able to ferret out that "Eddie M./Imperial57" was also "Doobie Gillis". So,Alumcan,having the TCP/IP addresses listed for all to see is Dave's little way of keeping the posts on the up-and-up!


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