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Chrysler Oval Aluminum Aircleaners?

From: Brad Harbold
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Date: April 23, 2002


Hi, I came across a very unique induction setup for a 392 hemi, and sitting atop it were aluminum oval aircleaners, very similar in style to those used on 58 Furys, and 300 D's. The gentleman who was without a doubt forwardlook educated, told me that those aircleaners were a dress up item offered only on 58 300d's with the Bendix Injection. His story does make sense, as the air cleaners are a little larger then the steel ones, and his reasoning was b/c the factory FI throttle bodies were farther apart then the dual 4's carbs. Any body ever hear anything about any of this? He even claims to have pictures of the cars from chrysler set up as he describes. he claims that there are a few injected cars around still running, and he also claims to have sold boxes of injection related parts many many years ago to a man in Arizona. Any thoughts on this stuff guys? Thanks Brad Harbold


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