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Exhaust manifold repair

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: April 22, 2002


How about this? A cracked Magnum exhaust manifold was 'repaired' by welding a bent piece of exhaust header pipe into the INSIDE of the manifold! The welds were only at the ends of the pipe,SO it was possible to cut them out and repair the Magnum manifold properly by WELDING UP THE OUTSIDE CRACK (why didn't they do THAT instead of hammering a pipe INTO the manifold?!?!) PS. I forgot to mention that when I saw the Krylon Green 'Bird in 1979,it had a 1968 Satellite dark green bench seat in front,and the console removed (this car was a 4-speed!) The owner still had the black buckets,which were reuphoulstered and reinstalled in the car (along with the console) by the time I saw it again in 1987.....


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