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Re: camero front clips for 48 Dodge

From: alumcan
Date: April 20, 2002


Dean, I used a Nova clip under a '48 DeSoto. Yes, if (big IF) cut properly, either clip is close to the OM MoPar frame. (Same way if you use a Ply/Aspen clip, cut right, and they are almost a perfect mctch up. Get Tex Smith's books on how to 'hot rod mopars', there are several 'how to' aricles on installing older full size Blazer Discs on a stock 40's MoPar suspension. Also instsalling the Ply/Dod Aspen clip in early Mopars.) Nova and Monte Carlo share the same Disc brake assemblys. Camero's disc brakes are seperate. The Main difference between a Camero and a Nova clip is the location of the steering. Camero, front steer. Nova (Omega and whatever the Pontiac is called) are rear steer. Front steer is, the steering box (sector) tie rods, idler arms are located in front of the axle. Rear steer, the box, tie rods etc is behind the axle. If you are stuffing a GM big block, 392, 426, or a Cummins Diesel (LOL) in yer Rod, a Camero clip you would use. Smaller motor, Nova clip is used. I had about 1/2" clearance between a '55 DeSoto Hemi and my (Nova) steering box. The reason that so many heaver Street Rods use Camero/Nova clips is, installation ease, practially dime a dozen, and brake/steering parts avability. Have fun.


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