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Re: Vinyl Top Wax ?

From: alumcan
Date: April 15, 2002


Eddie, Ironic that you mentioned Meguires. Around the 10th I had written to their tech line asking about vinyl top wax. This is what they told me. Vinyl used on exterior top application takes a diferent protectent/conditoner than what we offer for interior Vinyl/leather. Under no circumstances should one product designed for a certain application, be used for something else. They told me to use a #39 Mcguires Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner. Or the best is our #40 Vinyl Cleaner/Conditioner. Anyway, I can't find either one on the local shelf. I went out to Akron, Ohio the other day, and passed rght by Summit Racing, (Huge place. Took me hour to go through) They have a tremendous Meguires display. Equil that to the Meguires display that goes to all the big car shows. (Carlisle) Nothing in the display for exterior vinyl tops. I haven't had time yet to do Victoria's idea. When I do, I'll post my findings under her post. Thank you for you idea/input, something has to surface out there. Oh yeah, I DID find a product supplier for those detail shops. The product they recommend only last a few days if that. Just for that 'new car look' long enough to sell the car. Thanks.


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