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Re: has any one actually put a big block in a 57 plymouth?also ne...

From: MIke Patterson
Date: April 09, 2002


Hi Ted. I did a 440 in a 57 Dodge (same engine compartment, same mounts (and spacing I believe) and same challenges.) Some things that stick in my mind. Two you already mentioned, the mounts, (to include modifying the cans) which are a royal pain to get set down properly. The tranny mount on mine was close enough that I was able to bolt a piece of angle iron which I gussetted on the ends, to the cross member. It also seems that I might have enlongated the holes on the original mount to bolt it to the newer trans. I used a latter model slightly larger radiator to cool it (don't remember what from) but it was hard to find a good recorable stock one here. Depending on what radiator you use, if the lower hose is on the wrong side, Chrysler started using a diffrent water pump housing in the mid 70s that moves the hose to the other side. Also in the mid 70's, Chrysler started using the GM Saginaw PS pumps on the big blocks, which also work well with the stock PS units. The last thing was the exhaust, I used late 60s HP C Body manifolds on mine to make it breath a little better. Anyway good luck, and from personnel experience, it will be worth it.


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