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From: Juri
Email: xxx
Date: April 02, 2002


It seems that there is no human activity in this organization. They do not have help-line, They do not reply to e-mails and faxes. If you got a problem you are all alone with it. I entered wrong confimation number and they disabled my credit card. OK, my fault. Lets correct it. Then they say: send a fax with your ID, report from visa-company... blah blah.. in it. I did that once, twice... every week. No reply! (I checked faxex went thru) I have send about dozen e-mails, No replys, nothing. I collect very bad feedback from e-bay instead. Just think if somebody used your account? What they'll do? Nothing! You can send faxes and e-mails forever and most they can do is to send you a blank message from by dump machine. Whole Payal is a huge computer with couple of operators and when it goes grazy some day, like computers do, 14 million users will be in a same shit that I'm in now.


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