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Re: tailshaft replacement

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 29, 2002


Hey,Ted,if you don't have a Torqueflite service manual (or an appropriate 1962-65 car service manual) handy,ya might want to get one! And "get" doesn't mean permanent,many libraries in large cities would have manuals. (My library's Mopar service manuals go back to to 1930's) If you are not done internal trans. work like swapping a tailshaft before I would highly recommend you have a manual at your side,not just an exploded diagram of the assembly! The general Torqueflite manuals you see in the bookstores cover 1966-up 'Flites ,but some operations like swapping the tailshafts would be very similar on the early 727's and even A-466 cast iron 'Flites. Best thing to get or borrow is still of course a 1962-64 car service manual.


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