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Re: 60 ply

From: Barnaby
Date: March 25, 2002


Yes I intalled the AAJ discs on my '60 Dodge. I found the kit to be of good value and very easy to install. Roger gave me some of the best technical assistance possible. In fact he still calls me with technical advice. But I will say one thing leads to another. If you install front discs I recomend upgading you master cylinder to dual resevoir, going to a later style power brake system. But there is more... I realize that I need to get a later style rear end. This will get expensive. If I am going that far I might as well find a sure grip third member and upgrade to rear discs. But how far you take it depends on what you can afford and what you are doing with the car. When it comes to keeping my vintage sheet metal out of collisions, and staying alive I think it is worth it. Good luck!


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