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Temperature Gauge Diagnosis

From: Hank Dozier
Date: March 20, 2002


Kenny... I have sent to you via email a PDF of a service manual section on the gauges as a guide for the following. You indicate a new engine /dash harness. The sounds of this is you have extra resistance or a voltage drop somewhere which is affecting the temp gauge reading, if all other things have checked out. Can you measure the resistance of the wire from the ammeter to the ignition switch, the ignition switch contact resistance, and the resistances of the wire from the switch to the gauge, and finnally the wire from the gauge to the unit? This resistance should be very low on each of these, and I mean about 0.10 Ohm typically at room temperature. If this checks out, try bypassing your ammeter with a wire to the ignition switch temporarily and see if this cures it. If so, then you may have a defective ammeter. Certainly let us all know what you find if successful so others can benefit. Good luck!


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