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Re: How do you get brake hoses on and off?

Date: March 20, 2002


Bill, do you mean the flexible hoses or the hard lines? The flexible lines on your Fwd. Looker should have a nut at one end where it tightens up to the wheel cylinder or back axle "t-piece" and at the other end it will be retained inside the chassis bracket by a spring clip. Remove the hard line from the flexi, prise of the spring clip carefully and then you can undo the hose at the cylinder end. On the hard lines, if the flare nut doesn't turn, you can try lots of WD40 or similar but best of luck. Don't use mole grips to hold the pipe as it is pretty soft. You could try a clamp from a pipe flaring tool as it will grip the pipe uniformly. If all this fails, fit new brake pipes and fittings. No big deal.


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