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'58 FireDome Sportsman 2 door FS near me.

From: Lou
Date: March 18, 2002


Hi all, I looked at a car yesterday and thought I'd pass on the details in case anyone is interested. There is a 1958 DeSoto Firedome for sale in Pennsylvania, near Carlisle/Harrisburg. I think it is a good project. I just now decided to pass on this particular car because I want to get something that is basically done. I'll probably regret not buying this (its my favorite car!), but I don't need another project! The car is somewhat presentable, but will need paint, interior, and chrome work. It is a REALLY NEAT color. The owner said it is called Spanish Gold. It looks like a pale yellow-gold with a very slight green tint. Almost looks Lime. Black roof. Darker greenish and dirt-colored interior. :-) Runs and drives (and is NOT embarrasing to drive...) The car is pretty basic: 361, radio, PS, PB ("converted" to manual brakes... just needs a new booster). No other options except that the owner said it is a "springtime edition" (Which I know nothing about). He told me that it includes the small vertical trim bars on the back of the trunklid, and the aluminum insert in the side moulding (instead of it being painted there.) The engine and transmission have been rebuilt, although I am not sure to what degree. I get the impression that it was basically a valve job, and maybe cam/lifters, etc...just a "Freshening." Not sure if the lower end was touched, but hee did say that he pulled the engine completely out. Its painted metallic grey. The engine and compartment are not detailed..some new black paint on the radiator support, inner fenders, though. Complete new brake system, including lines, cylinders, linings, and master cylinder (manual). Don't know if the drums are replace or turned, but his priority was for the brakes to be DONE. New dual exhaust. The body and chassis are in good condition for an original in PA. Typical-but-small rust in the fender above the headlites and in the little pieces just under them... 2-3 SMALL holes, and some other acne-looking spots there. Otherwise, the car is pretty rot free: lower quarters, doors, trunklid, floors, frame etc are all good (maybe some surface rust on the frame...painted over a bit). No holes/rough fringes/layers of frame rot or anything like that. The chrome is fair-to-weak. The interior is weak. Greenish vinyl (leather?) surrounding a tweed-looking cloth in the back. The cloth is intact but delicate. The front bench seat cloth has been replaced sometime in its life with non-matching, and is in poor condition as well. The oadded dash needs replacement. The interior lights didn't come on and the radio doesn't work. From 20 feet the car actually looks pretty good. The color really sets it off. The paint is pretty chiny, albeit nicked and some door dings (in the stainless side trim as well). I guess you could say its a weak #3, only bcause of the interior and rusty headlites. The driver's door looks like it is a BIT close to the fender...not good fit n finish/alignment. Doesnt look like it was ever hit or anything, but at one time, when the door was opened, it caught the aluminum trim insert on the fender, so that edge is a little jagged/cracked there. Glass looks OK. The car started and ran strong...briefly, but the rebuilt carb was flooding, and it stalled soonafter. Wouldn't re-start. It WANTED to, tho. the owner later called me to say he found that the wrong spec plugs were in the car, and that they were gas fouled. He replaced the plugs and toyed with the carb and it started and is ready for me to test drive. I probably won't go back, since it is 3 hours away. But, I love these cars and I hope someone restores it. Of course, then I will be sick to my stomach because "it could have been mine!" Asking price is a little steep for a car that needs restoration, but I guess since it is somewhat rare, and a 2 door hardtop, it may bring the price: $7500 The man's name is Stan, and he is avery nice guy, with 7 other old cars. (717) 789-3711 See his ad on the Desoto club web page If anyone wants more details on the car, Email me and I'll tell you what I can. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera to take with me, so I have no pics. Regards, Lou


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