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Re: electronic ignition problem

From: Cbody
Date: March 08, 2002


Bear with me as I am very ignorant when it comes to the factory ignition system on your car so take this with a grain of salt. If your current ignition won't supply 12v then you'll need to install a starter relay from a later model least '65 up came with them and the best bet would be one for an 80's dodge pickup as those relays were used up until the late '80's, so replacement availability is no problem....any parts store should carry them. What they do is allow a full 12v from the battery to bypass the ballast resistor direct to the coil while cranking, and also have a seperate circut to send 12v to the ballast when running. They also incorporate a neutral safety switch which will need to be bypassed (grounded) to work on your car. They should run less than $20 and are very simple to install.......any shop manual covering mopars (at least '65 up) will have the diagram. Hope that helps more than it confuses. Jay


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