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Re: Thanks!..and the valvecovers..?

From: Hank Dozier
Date: March 05, 2002


OK Kelly...I went into my parts bin from a 58 L325 that came out of a CRL. I cleaned off the vintage preservative (grease/sludge) and I find mine are a SILVER color. Maybe Coronets were different? Is your engine ID L2 or L325. This engine was an original 4-bbl 58. I still have the heads/rockers/exhaust manifolds/valve covers for it, hence my confidence in valve sizes I quoted for you. The block was converted to hemi heads (D-500) a while ago for a buddy. I like the idea of GOLD covers, but it does seem a little "Plymouth Fury" looking. I think the original color was silver, but hey, RED sounds like a good visual, especially if you stick a 3x2bbl on it! Do the air cleaners in red highlights to match!


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