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Real gold plated '58 Plymouth "V" grille emblems & more!

From: Jeff Pozniak
Date: February 26, 2002


Greetings fellow Forward Look enthusiasts! I thought I'd pass this on to anyone who's interested. I just got a couple of George Laurie's (DeSoto George) famous reproduction gold plated '58 Plymouth "V" grille emblems in the mail today. (You may have seen one or two of them sold on eBay in the last couple of weeks) Anyway, they're spectacular! Way better looking than NOS! Perfect for a show car or for anyone who wants to snazz up their car's front end! The quality on these is excellent, you won't be disappointed. You have to see them in real life to appreciate them. Don't let the fact that George lives in Australia stop you from buying his repro parts, my parts were delivered in a week and a half! Along with the V emblems, I also picked up a couple of repro backup lenses and 2dr HT dome lenses. These lenses are beautiful! They look exactly like the originals, right down to the serial/model numbers and all! I highly recommend everyone who owns a '58 Plymouth to grab some of these reproduction parts for yourself. You won't be disappointed! If you're interested, you can reach George at this address: Tell him Jeff sent you :) He's also a really nice guy to deal with! Cheers, Jeff Pozniak


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