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Top ten signs I own a '58 coronet

From: kelly
Date: February 22, 2002


I thought of these earlier today...enjoy!! Top Ten Signs you own a 1958 Dodge, or any other Forward Look Chrysler 10. You get signed Christmas cards from the C.E.O.s of all the major gasoline companies 9. Your most fearful nightmares include parallel parking on crowded city streets 8. You enjoy listening to AM radio stations 7. Any part costs four times as much as you think it does 6. The ‘lefty loosey, righty tighty’ principle is a useless concept 5. You don’t even use “park” on any of your other cars, and, if the emergency brake didn’t work on any of those cars it does now. 4. You have NO problems spotting your car in a parking lot 3. You never get stuck in traffic wherever you go because everybody gets out of your way! 2. Your car can easily take up two or more ‘compact car spaces’ 1. You think the trunk is a great place to take naps in between classes! Kelly-


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