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I kinda remember that... You're right about the period thing 2

From: Dave Murray
Date: February 21, 2002


I need to rent this again then... I sorta remember a fin car somewhere in the background but the toy presents a "58 Fury as if it was a key car in the movie... They also have a model of the '70 Chevelle which I do remember Matthew McConahey or whatever driving... Also... you're right about 1976... No one would be driving a forwardlook car to highschool, by choice anyway...They weren't cool enough back then... I went to high school in the early-'80s and all we drove were beaters and there was always at least one guy with a cherry Camaro or something...Jacked up with big '50s sticking out the wheel wells ... And I remember a rich girl who drove a new Z-car...that was about it... Now all the highschool kids seem to own new cars...go figure...


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