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Newer Dodge Rams

From: Kenny J.
Date: February 21, 2002


They look scary, but I saw one blow a stop sign and get T-boned by a Toyota sedan. The Toyota hit the Dodge half ton behind the driver's door. The cab corner smashed in, the front left bed side collapsed and the truck spun around. The sedan bounced back and spun a half circle. After the dust settled, the Ram didn't look any better than the Toy-Toy. Both drivers had minor injuries. The guy in the Ram got the ticket. I saw the aftermath of a an accident where a guy in a new Ram ran through a yield sign and was hit by a Ford F-350 Dually. I hate to say it, but the Ford came out of that one in much better shape. I guess the Ram looks so aggressive, some bone heads buy them and think they can drive through anything! "Duh, it says RAM on the side, so dat's what I do!" ;-) They are a pleasure to drive, however, and I like the dash and interior layout. But I wouldn't pull out in front of 45 mph traffic in one as if it was an M-1 tank!


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