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Re: front clips

From: Scott Knight
Date: February 20, 2002


One problem with the Aspen / Volare cross-car T-bar design is that the track width is pretty much fixed. My dad build a 40 Plymouth coupe & used a Cordoba longitudinal T-Bar set-up because he could narrow it to get the correct track width. On the Plymouth it was a lot of work because we completely reworked the frame from the cowl-foreword and had to build a crossmember to accept the rear anchors for the T-bars. The bright side is that it has performed flawlessly for over 40k miles (with stock Crodoba brakes, power steering, sway-bar) and any part is readily available at your common parts stores. Also, its built like a tank too. P.S. Try a 70 - 74 Cuda / Challenger 8 3/4 rear end for your Dodge. It was nearly a bolt-in for the 40 Plymouth, might be for your Dodge too.


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