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Mix and Match. A choice of a 57 Ply. or a 59 Chry.

From: Jonny Milkshake
Date: February 17, 2002


Hey all, I thought I'd run this train of thought by you all. I have a 57 Ply wagon I've been staring at/dreaming about, in my yard. I just got a 59 Chrysler Windsor. I got the Chry. for the 383 engine to put into the Ply. Now here comes the train of thought. I'm liking the look of the 59 Chry. front end better that the 57 Ply. So should I swap the front end sheet metal of the 59 onto the 57? Of is this considered blasphemous? to be frank, I'm not a huge "numbers matching" guy. I just love the look of the Forward Look Mopars, no matter what model. So is it justifiable to build a car that I love, using all Mopar, even if it's not factory?


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